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United Kingdom
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Sunday today.. Dont like sundays much, i never used to be this way about them, happened when i came to France. Everything is so dead :/

Had a rather crap week. Prepare for a bit of a moan....

On monday we realised this AMAZING flat we were supposed to be moving into was someone trying to trick us into sending 800€ cash to africa, no proper paperwork etc. I greatly dislike fraud. I wanted to go to the police about it, but my partner said there was no proof. I would like to warn people applying to that flat that its a scam, but obviously thats not really possible. It was just a huge let down, because it was a gorgeous flat, for not a lot of money, in a great location.

Then the day after my partners rabbit, James, died. It was so awful, we both miss him a lot, he had so much personality for a rabbit, and because our current flat is so small, he really was always there. I am on my own this weekend, and where usually i would have James for company, now i really am by myself, and it is horrible, i hear noises and i look to check the rabbit, seeing an empty dismantled cage, or now just a big empty space where it used to be. Every loud noise i make i check to see if iv disturbed him but hes not there. The worst part is, he was ill, but the day before he was fine, in fact he was on anti-biotics and getting better, then we realised at about 3pm that he wasnt just sleeping funny, he couldnt support himself on his own legs, he hadnt eaten or drank anything since the evening before. It was heartbreaking he was so pitiful. He died before we could get him to the vets. They think he had a mass blocking his digestive system that was causing him a lot of pain. Rabbits cant throw up either, so a problem with their digestive system is serious. Poor bunny :( He is greatly missed...

And now i am spending a long weekend on my own because my partners mother hates me and doesnt want me anywhere near her. However she is not open about it, so my partner does nothing, which hurts, because it means i get left out of everything, and i really dont think its fair. For example, WE have actually found a new flat, its nearly double the size of the one we have now, good location, good price, but she is talking to her parents as if she is going to live there on her own "I found a new flat in the week". I know its petty, but i find it hurtful. She pretends i dont exist because its easy. Her brother is getting married in July, and i can understand that i shouldnt go otherwise it will take away from their big day, but i have been invited by the bride to go to their unborn childs christening. I say unborn, shes 6 or 7 months gone i think. I think thats lovely, i really do, but i just know i am going to end up going up against my partners mum. So what i do? I dont want to ruin their day!
le grrrrrr

Anyway im happy about the new flat, i just hope it doesnt become a new box for me, I have noticed already that i am being shut out of a few decisions. Only minor stuff, but enough to get on my nerves.


Im going to enter this RIFT contest then, and i have a portrait to draw for the wedding, which is cool :) feeling the pressure a bit though lol
AND MY BOX OF CDS STILL HASNT ARRIVED!!! :( If a postman has stolen it, i hope his balls get mauled by a dog.

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